Rehana switched on the computer and logged into her blog. She was hoping that there would be some comments on her new post.

Rehana had a cookery blog – “ Zaika”  in which she posted her recipes. A true
foodie, she was also a talented cook.  The interesting part of her recipes were that they were easy to follow. She looked through the  comments section – yes, there were  as usual two comments -one from Tanya and another from Maya!

Tanya and Maya were avid followers of Rehana’s  blog. Tanya was a young IT professional who had never thought that she could cook until she had  tried out Rehana’s recipes. Maya was a young homemaker with a  husband who loved to
eat. Rehana’s recipes, according to Maya kept her “marriage alive”.  Over the eight months that “Zaika” had been on blogosphere, a friendship had developed between the three ladies. Rehana enjoyed visiting Tanya’s blog    “Jottings” which was about funny incidents from her work. Some of the things that Tanya wrote made her laugh till her sides ached. She also loved Maya’s poetry blog and admired the depth of the feelings that the words portrayed.  Since they lived in the same town, they had
met up after a few months of blog based friendship. Now, they met almost twice
a month, often for movies or lunches.

For Rehana, blogging was a  hobby that kept her busy in her retired life. With the children now married and settled, she had all the time in the world to indulge in her passion for creativity. Habib, her husband often teased her about it. But he was also glad about the fact that she did not waste her time gossiping with the other ladies in the building  !

Rehana, scanned through the comments section once again.. before logging out.. Wait- what was that? A comment from someone called “ Rocket” said “ I tried out your recipe. It was so yumm. I want to kiss the hand that wrote it!”  She started laughing..! What an ass! Did this Rocket know that she was a fifty seven year old grandmother?

She must share this with Tanya and Maya. She picked up her phone and dialed Maya’s number- the line was busy. So she tried Tanya.

“ Hello Rehana Aunty. Whats up?”  asked Tanya’s cheery voice.

“ You are not going to believe this but someone just commented on my blog saying that he wants to kiss my hand” said Rehana.

“ How do you know it is a He?”  asked Tanya?

“ I am sure no woman will have a blog called Rocket” she said

“ Wait a minute-Rocket did you say? “ asked Tanya.

“ Yes. Do you know this person? “  asked Rehana.

“ You can say that – it is a He alright- one of the biggest pests prowling the net! He keeps emailing me” said Tanya.

“ What! See I told you it is not right to have your email displayed on your profile”  scolded Rehana.

“ Aunty, if my email were not displayed you or Maya didi would not have contacted me. For everything good that happens there are some annoying things that also happen” said Tanya with a laugh

“ But this person Rocket who is he?” asked Rehana. She was extremely protective about Tanya and was now feeling a little concerned.

“ Oh I don’t know. Writes silly reviews about movies. I now delete all his comments” said Tanya dismissively

“ Tanya, you live alone. You have got to be careful. What if he is a psycho?” asked Rehana.

“ Aunty please chill. He is just a disgusting character. We can ignore him. Ofcourse if you want to encourage him considering that he wants to kiss your hands that is another question”  said Tanya giggling.

Rehana smiled and put the phone down. It was surprising how the companionship of a young person could make one feel young.

The phone rang again. This time it was Maya.

“ Rehanaji read your recipe. I am going to try it for dinner”  said Maya. “ Good ! Listen Maya, I am a bit disturbed about Tanya”  said Rehana

“ Why what happened? “ asked Maya “ She is being harassed by a chap on the internet. Someone called Rocket”  said Rehana.

“  Rocket? That idiot!! “ exclaimed Maya. “ Why do you know him?” asked Rehana

“ You can say that! He comments on my blog. Writes some really over the top comments. You know he sent me a friend request on face book”  said Maya angrily

“ So did you accept it?” asked Rehana with interest

“ Ofcourse not! You know there are some men who are just on the net pretending to blog so they can get in touch with women bloggers. They are not interested in what we write. They are only interested in the fact that we are women… You will never see them comment on blogs written by men” Maya said.

Rehana, thought about this conversation seriously. She then began to look up the comments section in her various posts. Her blog was usually frequented by women. She randomly picked out some women and went into their blogs browsing through the different posts. Yes…! There he was Mr. Rocket! Another blog, and there he was again. Another, another and yet another! Out of fifteen comments that she had received from her women followers in her previous post she found  Rocket comment on blogs of nine of them.

It was interesting to read the comments. Most of them were not about the post but more about the writer- “ Oh this is awesome! I really love the way you pen your thoughts. Someday I want to get into your head and see how those thoughts are created” being one. “ Yes, life is like that …sometimes people like us need to come together to discuss these things more closely” being another! And the best one being on Maya’s blog” Maya I am hurt. Why are you not publishing my comments and why are you not visiting my blog” !! What cheek!

“ We need to do something about this fellow” thought Rehana. A mother of two daughters, Rehana had strong feelings about men who harassed women. She was just a beginner in the virtual world and it was shocking for her to realize that the virtual world was just like a street,  bus or a train where men could harass women.  Men stalked women or commented on them lewdly on the road but these men of the virtual world were probably not so crude though the modus operandi was pretty much the same! But the problem was that while on the road, a woman could slap a man for misbehaving, on the net, it was not so easy. One could delete the comments but Rehana was not sure if the blog could be made inaccessible to creeps like this!

“ We have to teach people like this Rocket a lesson!”  thought Rehana as she switched off her computer.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Krishnapriya
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 23:07:56

    The style in ur writing here is so different to the “Goats” series..
    But i still like it because it has a grip and is close to reality, what a topic you have chosen Hatss off!! wating for the next part!


  2. bhargavi
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 06:47:30

    Nice .. waiting for the next part.. Lets just say I have come across a few “rockets” in my blogging life and want to see how Rehanaji tackles the guy 🙂


    • Meera
      Nov 16, 2011 @ 10:40:22

      Hi Bhargavi Welcome to my blog!!! You can now read about how Rehana and co have tackled Rocket!!! May give you some ideas on how to deal with them on your blog too 🙂


  3. magiceye
    Nov 14, 2011 @ 09:59:18



  4. cloud nine
    Nov 15, 2011 @ 20:11:57

    Hahaha! There are so many rockets out there in the virtual world, Meera! We just must know where to draw the line and read between the lines:P


    • Meera
      Nov 16, 2011 @ 10:38:37

      @ Cloud Nine- drawing the line and ensuring that the Rockets stay out is the challenge:-) This post is inspired by many friends who have reported to me about the different “rockets” that they have encountered in this virtual world.


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