The Gift (Part 6)


Mitali Mukherjee Kumar, IAS put down the telephone receiver with a sigh. Amit had been at something again! This was the third time in one academic year that she was being called for a meeting at his school. So far, it had only been with teachers but now it was the principal’s office that had called. Obviously, her son had moved up in the hierarchy of mischief.

She wished she could do something about his behavior. But  being located so far away in a district town was a disadvantage.  She could guess why her son was behaving the way he was. She felt guilty about being away from him. But then that was part of life when one joined the civil services. One could not always  be with the family especially when posted in the boondocks like this! She had explored the possibility of  a school about 20km away in the neighboring district, but they had refused to take a new student in the middle of the academic year. So she had to leave him behind with Ravi when she got transferred.

She wished Ravi would not be so serious in his dealings with their son. She could just imagine how father and son spent time together – Ravi reading his files while Amit pretended to study.  Ravi had always been a “nerd” since their days together in college. He just did not know how to enjoy himself!  How much fun both he and Amit could have, watching movies playing some games visiting friends and bonding !

Anyway, it was about time she spoke to Amit and tried to understand his version of what had happened at school. She reached for her direct line and dialed her residence number at Chennai. As the phone rang at the other end her mind went back to more mundane things. The Chief Minister’s review meeting was scheduled next week and she needed to be here to prepare for that. She would speak with Ravi later and ask him to handle this school meeting by himself.

Just as she was wondering why no one was answering her call, her mobile rang. It was Amit who was calling. Good! He was probably feeling guilty and wanted to talk.

“Hiiii hero!” she said forcing herself to sound cheerful.

“Hi” he said shortly.

“ Whats up?” she asked

“ Mom, did you get a call from the princi’s office?” he asked

“ Yes! What have you been up to? Flying rockets again or locking up teachers in the toilets?” she asked with a laugh.

“No Mom. Please listen” said Amit.

As Mitali listened her face changed! Her smile seemed to freeze on her face. What her son was saying seemed unbelievable! How was it possible? But there obviously was something to what the boy was saying..!

She put her mobile back into its case and leaned back on her chair. At one level she was shocked and at another level she was angry. She thought about what she should do!

Ten minutes and her mind was made. For starters, she needed to attend that meeting in school! Chief Minister’s review be damned! She would report sick. This was more important. It was more than her son’s misbehavior that was the issue now.

But before  that there was something else she had to do. She looked at her note pad where she had scribbled the name of the  book that Amit had mentioned.

Switching on the computer she clicked on to Google and typed “Fifty shades of grey”. This meeting needed as much preparation as the CM’s review!

( Yes there is more in store🙂 )


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KP
    Jul 07, 2013 @ 16:18:50

    You have contntinued to maintain the interest undiminished..The next chapter when Mitali would have read the book, do reveal crisply about the book and her reaction as many of your readers would not have read FSG. and it happens to be the focal point around which story revolves.


    • Meera
      Jul 08, 2013 @ 09:06:57

      I will certainly bring up the highlights of the book. BTW, I think the author should give me some money considering all the free publicity I have done for her book 🙂


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