THE GIFT ( part 7 )


Amit sat quietly next to the driver as they drove home after the meeting at school. His parents were sitting behind.   He glanced at the rear view mirror to see if they were indeed there. The silence was getting to him.

Dad was checking his emails and messages on his black berry while Mom was staring out of the window. Amit was feeling guilty now – not so much about what had happened at school but  his role in what might have perpetuated that silence in the rear of the car. He should not have told mom about how he had got hold of that book! His young mind was confused – on one hand he was irritated with his dad’s “holier than thou” attitude when it came to behavior at school, his  “lecture series” about how his alma mater demanded “decent behavior” and “excellence in academics”  and on the other hand were mom’s feelings. Had he caused some serious trouble between his parents he wondered? He hoped that it would not drive them apart. As of now, mom’s living away like this was only a temporary situation or so he had been told. He did not want this to become permanent! Despite his irritation with his dad, he wanted them all to be together as one family.


Mitali, was still processing inside her head ,the events that had transpired in that meeting with the principal.  She could almost see that scene- Father Toppo sitting behind that huge desk and next to him a  thin young man with glasses who was introduced to them as a Father Dominic .  He was holding in his hand that offending book ‘Fifty shades of grey’

The meeting had proceeded with the usual complaint  about Amit’s behavior followed by Father Toppo giving an update about how the book was confiscated from her son. Mitali  had tried to come in at that point and say that reading “pornography” or erotic literature was only a part of teen age years. All boys were doing it. It was then that the young Jesuit, Father Dominic had launched forth on a review of that awful book! About how it was the story of a man who wanted domination as a sexual preference and  how reading something like this was the beginning of the creation of a warped mind.  He had concluded his treatise by saying that men who read such books would never grow up to respect women. He also brought in some psychological angles about  how  Amit  may be resenting  her for  being a successful woman, seeing  her as a domineering  person and was therefore drawn to books like these

Mitali let the accusation pass. She accepted the analysis but  had to restrain herself  from shouting out that it did not apply to her son! The  person to whom it probably applied was their star ex student- her  “uncorrupt”, “honest” and  “efficient” husband!!! After all, wasn’t he the person who was actually reading the book?  Amit had only chanced up on it unknowingly.

It had been shocking to hear that Ravi was into pornography in her absence.  Her internet research on the book had not provided her with such an indepth analysis of the book.  That Father Dominic had explained it very well- a story of sexual domination – the ultimate fantasy of a man who could not accept confident  dominant women!

She had always thought that her husband admired her for being a confident woman and a  tough bureaucrat. Between the two of them she had always been the one given to short temper, arguments etc.  He was the one who was quiet and silent giving in to her demands. She now realized what a false person he was! He probably hated her for all of this and was coping with it by reading books on sexual domination! She shuddered thinking about that word. My God! It was only reading that was happening now ( or atleast that was what she hoped) when would he start acting out his fantasizes?

Well, if he tried any of THAT , she would hand him over to women’s cell at the Police Commissioner’s office! She was no sexual toy! He had better find someone else for that!

And Amit, her poor boy, she was not going to expose him to this kind of influence. She would take him away with her and try her best to convince that  school in the next district to accept him. She had heard that  the principal was a relative of  Commissioner Municipal Administration. She would call him up when they reached home.  She would leave next morning taking Amit with her !!!

Ravi Kumar

Ravi could almost guess what was going on in Mitali’s mind.  Amit had told him in the morning that he had “informed”  Mom about where he had obtained the book. He had tried to broach that subject when she had arrived in the morning. But she was in no mood for any conversation. He glanced at her now. Her ears were red – a sure sign that she was angry. Her fingers were digging into the car upholstery  beside him. He wanted to take her hand but  of course, he didn’t! His wife was the most volatile and unpredictable of persons. He  remembered the first time he had tried to kiss her in college. That slap she had given him still rang sharply on his cheek!

“ Don’t try these stunts with me. If you are serious, you should speak to my father” she had said angrily. He had admired her for that and had quietly sought an appointment with Professor Mukherjee her father the next day. That interview had been well worth the tension.  Marrying  Mita was the best thing that he had done.  She was so intelligent, smart and quick witted. He admired her ability to reach out to people, her complete honestly about anything and her sense of humor!  He only wished she would not jump to conclusions so easily.

The car was just driving into their house. She got down from her side slamming the door on his face. Amit looked back worried. Ravi sighed as he got down from his side of the car. He would have a hard time explaining matters to Mita.


Amit strained his ears to catch what was going on inside his parents’ room.  He could hear the cupboard door being slammed and a suitcases being dragged about. In between he could hear his father say            “ Mita please listen to me….”. He could hear his mother speaking fast and angrily. Most of the words escaped him. All that he could hear was “ You seriously want me to believe that you found that book in a cupboard inside the Urban land ceiling and revenue department?”

Then the door opened and Mom was out shouting at him” Amit, pack your things. You are leaving with me tomorrow”!

( to be concluded)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Krupa
    Jul 19, 2013 @ 14:35:27

    Wow! The story gets more interesting with each part, waiting for more! You sure have the flair to grasp the readers attention! Great Going.


  2. KP
    Jul 19, 2013 @ 15:17:33

    You are weaving a gripping web of the happenings and the flow of the story smooth is smooth with no kinks.Pray,do not give long gaps as you did now.


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