I watched them from behind the trees. They were walking hand in hand along the path. He was whispering something in her ears which was making her laugh.

I looked at her closely- she was a beauty in a very unconventional sense of the term. Dark, small and petite with curly hair and expressive eyes!

I followed them quietly, almost floating in the mist.

Honeymooners I guessed! They stopped at a look out point where he took out his camera and asked her to pose. She smiled strutting about and striking  poses..!

He clicked her with her hair flying about in the breeze, with her scarf covering half her face and her mouth pouting in an imaginary kiss.

My heart constricted.. as I watched from my place among the leaves. She was certainly beautiful.. as none other that I had seen before.

They walked on- she was huddling towards him as the temperature dropped and the wind rose. I wanted to reach out and wrench her away from him!  My fists  clenched in anger as my jaw tightened. This was not fair –this thin fellow  with glasses had the most beautiful girl in the world in his arms!

I hurried along making sure to hide myself in the mist that was slowly spreading itself  around the path. I could not see them clearly though their voices were audible. Whispers ,laughs and rustle of clothing! My rage knew no bounds as my imagination fired up images of them together.

The wind had picked up and the trees were dancing in a frenzy. I continued to move with the mist and before long they were where I wanted them to be – the sunset point!   The mist had cleared with the wind and they were now perched near the railing looking down at the steep fall. He had his arms protectively around her as they whispered to each other.  I knew now was the time – I had to focus all my energy on what I wanted!

And soon it happened – exactly the way I wanted it to !  Her foot slipped and her body was hurtling down the cliff!

He was screaming “Padma”!!! There was a commotion around as a few walkers in the paths above started running down towards him.

I went a little beyond – away from all the noise and waited …waited for her to come to me…!

Then I saw her as  she came floating up from the valley – released from the prison of her body to join another free soul like me. I walked up to her to take her into my arms.

She looked at me with hatred and floated away towards the man who was sitting on the ground  holding  his tear stained face in his hands. Her arms surrounded his form as  her eyes flashed angrily  at me.

Many years ago, a girl had looked  at me in just that way, which had made me throw myself down the same cliff.   I had since then wandered over the cliff, hills and valleys  thinking about ways in which I could find the love that I was looking for .

And today when I had found someone like my beloved –someone from beyond the frontiers that imprisoned me and got her to my world- I still see the same hatred!

I don’t know how much longer I have to wait for the one who would come to me with the love that I longed for …